03 March 2011

snowmen and castles

Ok, again I have been informed that I MUSTPOSTANEWPOSTIMMEDIATLY by my dear sister
 so here is a rundown on my notable adventures since I last updated

So when I left you last I was in the lovely town Assens on the island of Funen enjoying the snowy weather. I stayed there for 4 blissful days of snow fights and snowmen and sitting inside cozied up and enjoying the Danish hygge (doesn’t translate, but it means that lovely cosy warm feeling you get cuddling up under blankets with hot drinks around family and friends) we went out one day to visit another town where my host cousins live and went shopping in town another day

. Their house has all these beautiful clocks that are all slightly out of time so the house is always ringing with clock chimes. I loved this one in particular that was made in the 1700s in France. 
My host grandfather makes jewellery in his spare time and when I was leaving they gave me this lovely necklace with my star sign on it. It was very nice, every one of their grandchildren have one, it made me feel so accepted J

Anyway the night after I got back home to Hellerup my host mum offered for me to go with her to see the band ‘band of horses’ in KBH which was really cool. We went to my host uncle and aunties place and ate pizza THAT HAD SALAD ON IT O.o and then went to the concert which was quite good.  The next day Nicolai arrived home from Seattle in time for Vicky’s birthday dinner (her bday was a good 2 weeks earlier) he brought with him my kindle :D which has been my saviour in many a desperately confusing and boring classes at school. That weekend was followed by a busy week at school, the occasional shopping trip with school friends when classes finished early, a trip to the airport to but Starbucks coffee with the lovely Malaika, who is keeping me sane in my classes and with whom I plan to go to an anime convention in may :D in this week I also brought my comfortable, waterproof warm sketcher boots from heaven, I love them so  much, I can actually walk in them without pain or fear of falling on ice. I also brought these other boots that need to be broken in, when I wore them they gave me blisters the size of 10 cent pieces, I called the one on the left chuck, and on the right Norris O.O it was also in this week that I discovered the torture known ad riding a bike in falling snow. Its really hard not to crash whilst riding less than a meter from cars downhill on a windy road with school children running around while small chips of ice use heat seeking locational devices to seek out and then plunge themselves into your eyeballs, effectively and painfully blinding you.  Another event in this week was my other two host families coming to my current one to have dinner; just putting it out there I hit the jackpot. They are all amazing and I have a total of 7 host siblings including a boy my age who is going on exchange to Brisbane in June :)

On the Saturday I gained a whole new respect for people that walk the streets asking for donations for various causes, namely because I had to be one of these people. In the morning my host family took me to see Fredrik’s church,  

Amalienborg, where the queen and crown princess Mary live

 and Rosenborg castle.

After that I went to a rotary event in Raadhusplasen in the centre of KBH and handed out flyers and balloons and collected donations for end polio now. Ellen and I made a good team; one would give a balloon to a child whilst the other asked the parents for donations, after the kid had the balloon ;)
This week has been more school; the exciting part was that my Danish lessons started. I have them for 2 hours every Monday and Wednesday :D also this Friday is my Gala, which is kinda like a less fancy school ball :D keen

I’ll leave you with some Quotes and anecdotes of my lovely family, friends and acquaintances

Nicolai; trying to make healthy hotdogs is like trying to curl a bald man’s hair

Host aunt: our daughter was going to go to the concert but she didn’t like the music and thought they were ugly because they had beards, so we have a spare ticket.

My librarian; just a warning, your history teacher is a raging Marxist

Vicky: this is the royal gardens; lots of emos hang out here.

My host dad Nicolai works for Microsoft and each year they have a day were they bring in devises from the competition (iPods, Wii’s, etc.) and use a nail gun to nail them to a wall. They then get a prize from the company

American exchange students; were not very stereotypical Americans *eats McDonalds*

My host family has hamsters and once when they were on holidays one of the old ones died. The person who was looking after the hamsters called the parents and in the end they agreed to put the hamster in the fridge in order to keep it fresh so my little host sister could say goodbye to it and bury it( they weren’t coming home for several days)

Nicolai: *eating meatballs* this is actually hamster meat from the hamster we put in the freezer