15 June 2011

Nostalgia and Wanderlust

There are no two emotions/feelings/state of beings in the world that conflict more then Nostalgia and Wanderlust.

Nostalgia - an attachment to the past, a longing for things to be the way they used to be and for them to stay that way.
Wanderlust - a desire to explore the world and everything in it.

There is no way for the two feelings to co-exist peacefully inside a persons brain.

Since Euro tour, and I guess even before that as part of my choice to take part in exchange, I have had this desire to travel, to keep moving and doing new things, exciting, crazy things. I feel like I never want to settle down, I want to explore every place and every way of life in the world. I want to do everything.
Somehow at the same time I'm feeling such a need for permanency. Being an exchange student is such an incredible experience, and I'm seriously having the greatest time of my life.
Hey, lets face it, there's not many people that can say they spent a year in another country, meeting new people, partying pretty much constantly, hanging out with friends all day, not having to (or being allowed to) work and not having any pressure in school. But there is always this thing in the back of my head saying none of it is permanent. All these friends, these places, these routines and lifestyles end in 7 months. Some of it sooner. Today I went back to my first host families house for dinner. It felt so natural and perfect and i felt so at home. People i know, places i know, routines i know. I felt so at home. I just wish that I could have that all back.

So this is my honest emotion post, I promise I'll post about euro tour soon, but it is 1 in the morning and I need to sleep :)

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