17 January 2011

here i am

so im currently in the process of settling into my first host family's home.

i left Perth at 5 local time, actually probably a bit later, our plane was late taking off. because we were underage we all had to be escorted through security wich kinda sucked cause it cut into our time with our familys and friends. our first flight was 6 hours and 55 minutes and it was on a fairly new thai airways jet, which ment we all had our own tv screens. we were all sitting together except for gemma and mel, devo for them :P. the flight wasnt to bad cause we all just talked and watched movies and tv shows and played games. they had this awesome game that was a game boy colour simulation, there was a heap of games you could pick from and play including mario bros and the origanal pokemon gold. i have the exact same mario bros game at home on my game boy so that was realy cool :D we got of that flight at around 12 at night and caught the next at about 1 am so we didnt see much of Bangkok airport. the flight to copenhagen was 12 and a half hours and it was on a boeing so no tv screens :( in fact they only showed one movie once the entire flight on the big screens, so it kinda lacked entertainment... i didnt realy mind though, it was realy late so i ended up sleeping for around 9 hours of the flight. once we got to copenhagen airport (finaly) we went straight to the baggage claim where we were met by a rotary rep, and he took us through to the gate where we were met by a barrage of red  danish and blue australian flags. my welcome party consisted of two of my host familys and my cousiler as well as ane, it was great to see her again. we headed back to my first host familys house on the train, there house is AMAZING. its got three levels, the basment and two storys. my room is in the basement and its HUGE and so pretty. it has fairy lights and paper lanterns and is so nice. the whole house is beautiful, as is the family. my little sister Eva is gorgeous, shes so sweet and her english is phenomenally good, especialy as she is only 11. my parents, Vicky and Nicolaj are also lovely and there english is fantastic. :) the weather here is realy nice, at least, ive never realy liked hot weather so i like it :) its about 6 degrees, its quite refreshing. theres a little snow still on the ground but its melting unfortunatly. its ment to snow again later though :) im looking forward to it. the other thing is the colour of the sky, its a pearly grey colour, completly different to what australia gets in cold weather. i quite like it. anyway thats a little update on my arrival, ill post some pictures when i actualy take some :)
much love, Bec


  1. So glad you're settling in well. Very jealous to hear about your lovely room. Sounds like you're going to have a fantastic time. Mum and Dad are very relieved to hear you've arrived safely. Give Ane a big hug for us the next time you see her.
    <3 Em

  2. Glad to hear you're having a great time already! I'm looking forward to the first bunch of photos hon!
    lots of love!