25 January 2011

jeg kommer fra 'the land down under'

Well hi there, I have been in Denmark now for a whole week and a day, its going pretty damn fast.
Anyway Emily wants me to update you all on what i've been up to this past week. There is a distinct lack of photos cause I haven't taken many, I don't know why, I think I feel like to much of a tourist taking happy snaps every fem (5) seconds. Also a warning, i'm likely to put in an occasional Danish word cause i've just been reading a Danish for beginners book and it makes me feel smart 8).

So my week in a nutshell - its gonna be in a nutshell cause i've done so bloody much this week its incredible - begins on last Tuesday, Tuesday i rode with Eva to school and managed to fall of my bike and rip the knee of my jeans, so my Danish prowess was off to a smashing start. Eva's school is quite pretty, instead of a stairway they have this spiral ramp, which was built apparently so the rich could have there servants cart them up to the top. i guess it makes it very wheelchair accessible these days. Other then that i spent Tuesday chilling at home and strolling casually around Hellerup my suburb.

Wednesday involved following Nicolaj (my host dad) to work in town, some shopping and coffee drinking in the nearby complex and some frantic desperate bike riding trying to find my way home again. thankfully i know the way by now so no more terror when i go into town. After that much of the same lazing about at home and a quick trip into town to take Eva to choir and to check out a one of the local gymnasiums
outside Arken
(high schools) while we were waiting for her.

Thursday was a lovely sunny day, in the afternoon Eva's Farfar and Farmor (grandparents on her dads side) picked Eva and I up and took us to Arken, this amazing art museum. The art was sooo good, the exhibited artist was Hans Scherfig, he is amazing. There was also this really cool exhibit that was like a tunnel with really thick smoke and bright lights so that you couldn't see more then like 30 cm in front of you and all you could see was one colour around you. It started out with white and then gold then blue and black etc. It was really trippy... but sooo cool. :)

Friday i walked to Nicolajs work again, spent most the day chilling at home and then went out in the afternoon with Ane, who was an exchange student that stayed with us when I was like 8 or something. It was really great to catch up with my big sister again :). we went walking through Copenhagen, its so amazing, there's no high rise buildings, just all these little really old buildings  with big open squares and loads of statues. we also walked past Tivoli which is like a famous amusement park that is soooo beautiful. we also saw this cool Lego display of Copenhagen (the Danes invented Lego).

this is actually what Copenhagen looks like,
except not made out of Lego...
After looking round the city we went back to Anes apartment and had 'takeaway'. it was this gourmet pork and mushroom and potato dish with tiramusu desert. ah-mazing!

Saturday was really busy, firstly I joined this gym my family goes to, but i'm chilling on the stepping machine thingo (you can tell im the gym type) when on the tv comes yu-gi-oh, followed by pokemon, then spongebob.... I was just like O.o  so there's all these huge muscled guys pumping iron and watching pokemon... awesome. Then we went shopping at this huge shopping centre. After that was our little trip to christianhavn, where my school is and right in Copenhagen. also my school is directly opposite Christiana, Nicolaj told me I should put safety pins in my ears and shave half my head and I would fit in perfectly haha. we then went a walking to there summer house which is a Kolonihave (there isnt a translation) which is like a little shack in this little locked off community with like 500 little shacks and there's these hedge fences and little cobblestone pathes it verry cute. There community is called 'strandlyst'.
we also went on a ferry ride through the harbour.

opera house (a Danish architect actually
 built the Sydney opera house)

that night we went to a party at Nicolaj and Vickys friends house. lets just say there was a lot of drinking involved and my host parents are very funny in that state. XD me Eva and her friend who's name i keep forgetting (sorry :S) went upstairs and played band hero most the night, but i had a very interesting conversation with one lady who gave some great advice for learning the language

Sunday was sleep- in-and-watch-movies-on-the-couch-all-day day. well except for me, I had to go to a rotary meeting for all the winter inbounds in my district. It was good though, interesting and great to meet everyone and catch up with Laura and Gemma :)

annnndd yesterday i watched NCIS all day, only leaving the house to go to the bank... which was interesting cause i hadn't been there before and had to find it by myself. the most exciting thing yesterday was trying to find the escaped hamster, its tiny and very elusive, its still missing >.> evil little Houdini hamster. though it is adorable...

here are some other pictures i have taken of the house :)

today im gonna watch more ncis and visit the bank again. I can only move 2000 kr (about 400 dollars) at a time because my card is an Australian visa not a Danish visa. ISNT THE POINT OF VISA SO THAT YOU CAN USE IT ANYWHERE /RANT. ok i'm done
farvel, knus Bec


  1. Great update and wonderful to hear what you've been up to. However in the interests of being an advocate of the English language, try not to include inappropriate instances of the word "like" constantly!. Also, learn the difference between "there" and "THEIR". You know your sister is a grammar nazi, and I put up with most of your atrocious errors, but PLEASE try not to do the same next time, otherwise I'll be begging you to let me edit your updates before you post them! :P
    Great to see the photos. Make sure you get some of Ane next time you see her. Hope you gave her a hug for me. :)
    Love you!

  2. The Awesomeness (Cristyn)January 25, 2011 at 4:11 AM

    Poor bec.. STOP PICKING ON YOUR SISTER EM! we cant spell like you!! LIKE LIKE LIKE XD love you em.

    Missing you bec! i am telling my mum of your adventures too and she is loving it. Love the part about the Lego and gym ^^ cant wait till the next update.


  3. thanks guys, ily both
    and em... -.-

  4. omg you have done so much stupid school keeps getting in the way for me but still its pretty awesome :D