26 January 2011

shits and giggles

Last night i went with my host mum to a work meeting, after the meeting they had a special guest, a man whose title translates to the laughter king. His job is to encourage people to laugh more as its good for you. so after the meeting all the business men and woman in there suits and ties stood in a circle doing all these peculiar things and laughing maniacally. These things included chanting ha-ha ho-ho-ho whilst clapping, acting like a lion and roaring at one another and and partenering up to say 'TEE HEE HEE' in one anothers faces. Everyone felt ridiculous but it was very funny, particularly for me as i couldn't understand what the laughter king was saying, so it seemed like everyone was doing these weird things of there own accord.  very funny

also today it snowed. it was the first time ive seen snow falling
kinda magical



  1. ahh the laughter king! he was at my host uncles birthday party. Soo funnny!

  2. and you didn't join them whyyyyy????