17 January 2011


ok, i just went for a drive to a small shopping center and Vicky (my host mother) took me for a quick tour of Hellerup (my suburb) so here are the photos as promised :)

The shopping center

Driving on the wrong side of the road D: 

Funny Sounding Danish words :P

see that coastline there, that would be sweden O.o

My House  :D

 My Room

i dont know why some are sideways, they weren't before....

happy face :)
xx Bec


  1. You're very lucky! Looks beautiful :)

  2. Wow... so pretty!

    and dear lord i want your room!

  3. AMAZING your so lucky ^^ miss you beccy. Roxas is settling in well and keep us updated!

  4. okay your house i gorgeous and i'm looking forward to seeing the sights of what looks like a beautiful country =) maybe i'll come visit you...after all denmark isn't that big

  5. thanks guys, and you definatly should ngaire, we should have a meet up in copenhagen some time :)

  6. my house is better!!!!

    i mean i have mountains outside my window!!
    haha miss you babe have an awesome time xxoo